To descripe services from Logo_update_trans we use a typical procedure of the fictitious Company X

Company X is already active in Latin America and plans to open up new markets such as Cuba. They provide the first crucial question: ‚Is Cuba a potential market for us?‘

altes Karre KubaFree Information-hour

The Free Information-hour held by the Cuban expert from Logo_update_trans provides clarity. Cuba can be a new market for Company X but detailed investigations are necessary. Logo_update_trans receives the order to elaborate a market study.

Market Study


After 6 to 10 weeks, the market study is ready for presentation. The projections are confirmed, there is a demand for the products. For the near future, there are also clear indicators that suggest that the demand can increase rapidly. Based on the positive indicators, Company X decides to organize a seminar in Cuba.


Logo_update_trans invites the participants and organizes the seminar in a business hotel in Havana. meeting1The sales manager and a product manager lead the seminar, Logo_update_trans remains available to assist in case of misunderstandings. The seminar is a success, there is a demand for the products. Due to numerous and often complex requirements, the sales manager recommends to the management, to access the Cuban market with own representation in Cuba.

BusinessmodelBusiness model

Before the decision on own representation is made, the Executive Assistant is required to prepare a business model. During the decision-making processes, concerning legal form and approach, Logo_update_trans’s advice should be considered. After careful analysis of the business model,  Company X decides to venture into Cuba

Market entrypuzzle

Logo_update_trans is instructed to accompany the registration process in Cuba, where their skills and contacts helps to limit the administration burden.
After six months, in the presence of the Embassy officials and a few key customers, Company X opens the Cuban branch with a small ceremony.